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MAY 16, 2014

 JEWELS ADVICE – “As Abraham Lincoln said “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years!”

SANDY’S BLOG – May 11, 2014 - “I'm in pain, can't sleep, scared to close my eyes, crying, confused, re-living the car accident, wondering why, what's next, what should I do now, attorney, talking to myself, can't think straight, bad headache, nauseated, heart palpitation, thinking of my children, my grandchildren, my mom, my siblings, my friends, those that lost loved ones this weekend, never felt like this, crying, may need counseling, can't complain, listening to the rain, being thankful, still praying, being blessed, thanking God, thanking Family & Friends, still in the light, loving God, loving living, loving you!  Just knowing "when you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy and to love."

 May 10, 2014 – “It is only by the Grace of God that I did not die in an auto accident last Saturday, May 10, 2014 in Irving, Tx.  A car hit me and the Mazda SUV I was driving went airborne and rolled several times until an embankment on Highway 183 E at O’Connor Road in front of Baylor Medical Center, stopped it.  The SUV landed upside down and I prayed the entire time.  I asked the Lord to give me another chance of life and to hold me during the rollover.  I begged him not to let my children and grandchildren regret Mother’s Day because it has always been our favorite holiday.  When the SUV stopped and I was on my back upside down, I opened my left eye and all I could see was a white cloud.  I closed my eye and just laid still and thought “I have made it to Heaven, now what’s next!  I felt no pain just a sense of serene when all of a sudden the passenger door opened.  I opened my right eye and saw a man.  He was yelling she’s ALIVE, come help me!!  That is when I lost it!  I started screaming and crying and thanking God for saving me!  The guy that took me out of the car is the one who hit me and he said he lost control!  All airbags (6) deployed and they said I looked like I was in a cocoon with airbags as my wings!  No, that was God’s Angels!!  Crying again!!!  I was then taken to the hospital across the street by ambulance and x-rays showed no broken bones but many spasms, bruises and trauma!  The Doctors and Police Office said it was only by the Grace of God that I was ALIVE!  I am so grateful that no one was in the car or it could have been a fatality!  

 Thanks to all of my family and friends that came to my rescue.  Today, I still feel like I am in a fog and it was all a dream!  God said to me last night “don’t be afraid! This too shall past!”

Have a safe weekend! Enjoy today as if it were your last! God Bless! #ILIVEFORMYFAMILY #familylove #sandybrownokc #Gettingitin2016 #StillGettingitin2017 #sandybquotes #IamNandy




Sandy Brown, Instructor of SwingOut Dancing and CEO/Founder of The Jazzee Jewels and Jems, LLC of Oklahoma City, Ok, have been hand dancing since her teen years better known then as “Fast Dancing”.  Her dad was the best jitter bugger in Oklahoma! For the last 15 years she has put much energy into a different hand dance, “SwingOut Dancing” being taught by the best of all the rest.  Sandy travels to Texas and other states with her assistants monthly to enhance their dancing ability and skills and support different swing out events. Sandy Brown is known everywhere for her passion and support of SwingOut Dancing and has been known as one of the biggest supported and promoter of the dance.  She is the Queen of Swing!

Sandy Brown has showcased all over OKC, Dallas and Austin.  She has judged many competitions and is involved in many dance organizations!  Sandy just recently showcased and judged at the National Swing Dance Competition in Dallas, Tx during Memorial Day Weekend 2013 and Houston International Swing Dance Competition, Houston Memorial Day Weekend 2014, 2015 and will in 2016!  She has also  placed 2nd, 3rd amd 4th! One of her most memorable occasion is winning the 1st Annual Reward Swingout Dance Instructor by The Ambassadors Ray and Angela at Swing Dance Studio in Arlington, Tx, July 2014 and also September 2016 for online Instructor of the Year, Honored by The elite Diamonds Cheryl Head and Yolanda Scott on September 4, 2016 and teaching a mini swing/slide dance lesson at the OCMABSE Conference 2012.  Sandy also has a website that you can visit to know what is going on in Okc and other major cities!

As of date, 2019, Sandy retired from teaching  Swingout and Line Dance and came out of retirement in 2022.  She also teaches private lessons, does workshops in other cities.! Sandy has had 13 SwingOut Graduations and six Annual Showcase & Celebration with wonderful dancers all over Oklahoma and Texas!  The last event took place on October 28, 2018!  This event showcased SwingOut Dance, Line Dance, West Coast Swing, Chicago Steppin’, Hand Dance, Houston Two Step and Ballroom!  Anyone interested in Privats, Wedding, Birthday Parties and other Events
 please contact Sandy at 405-206-0597 for her 2016 event! #Gettingitin2016 #StillGettingitin2017 #sandybquotes #Sandybvideos #JazzeeJewels #JazzeeJewelsandJems#IamNandy #Winningin2018 #StillWinningin2019 #Blessedat66